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   Farrington Farms   

Welcome to Farrington Farms - a family farming business based near Wiveliscombe in West Somerset. Over three generations the farm has expanded and now includes a diverse range of activities but still with mixed farming at its heart. 

The farm is a mixed sheep and arable farm growing cereals such as wheat, barley, oilseed rape, oats, beans and cover crops. The sheep were introduced in 2021 as we embrace what is known as regenerative agriculture. This means that we are improving the health of our soil by reducing our inputs and working with nature. As a result, our crops and animals are healthier which in turn reduces the need for inputs such as medicines. A win-win situation for crops, animals, farmer and the environment.  

We also grow miscanthus, better known as elephant grass, which is used as renewable biomass fuel in power stations. The farm is part of the Countryside Stewardship environmental schemes and has been involved in these schemes for over 20 years. Over this time there have been increases in wildlife on the farm, to include some of the farmland birds listed on the red list - Skylark, Linnett, Yellowhammer and Barn Owl to name a few.

To make good use of redundant farm buildings and to preserve and retain their character, a couple of development projects have been completed including a range of award winning office suites. 

A self storage business operates on the farm and provides affordable storage to the local residents and businesses.

A woodland management plan is in place so that the forestry operations are carried out in a sustainable way. The wood is used to supply biomass boilers and firewood to the local area.

If you are looking for some form of new farming agreement, farm contracting work, commercial property space, self storage or firewood then please find out more below or contact us.




Combine harvester

With a desire to improve the soil on our farm, different approaches have been taken including the application of compost material, chopping the straw, direct drilling, using cover crops and the introduction of sheep. These all help to add valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil. While striving to become less reliant on inorganic sprays and fertilisers, these steps are improving our soils which benefit the farm, the environment and the wildlife.

In September 2021 we brought 550 Exlana ewes having never had sheep before. Although some people thought we were mad (!) it was a decision we made believing that introducing the 'Golden Hoof' would help to improve our soil and the farm's resilience to changing weather and prices. The Exlana breed is translated  as 'ex-wool' in Latin and they live up to their name by shedding their wool naturally so we do not have to shear our sheep. They are also known to be more resistant to parasites and great mothers so we use minimal medication and do not need to assist with their lambing providing the most natural environment for them to live.

All farm operations are carried out in house by trained operators with modern machinery. If you are looking for some help with various operations, large or small, or looking to enter into some form of farming agreement, joint venture, contract farming then please get in touch.



Residential barn conversion

There is a range of commercial office suites, light industrial and workshop units on the farm. A traditional range of farm buildings was developed into offices in 2003 and won the RICS Building Conservation Award. A dedicated high speed fibre internet connection was installed to serve the offices in 2019.

Other farm buildings are used for light industrial and workshop use and there are various concrete yards used for a wide range of activities.

In addition, there are residential properties rented on assured shorthold tenancies. 

Have a look at availability below and feel free to contact us if you would like to enquire about any properties mentioned above.

AVAILABLE NOW - office unit and light industrial units

Self Storage

   Self Storage   

Self storage containers
Storage removals van
Smaller storage units
Self storage units

The self storage is operated under Wiveliscombe Self Storage which offers a range of units from 24 sq ft up to 160 sq ft. in containers. For larger units please see Property above. The containers are vented and come with a grafo therm treatment to prevent condensation and keep your items dry.

Situated in the farm yard there is ample parking and loading space.

Initial viewing by appointment only.

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Logs for firewood
Firewood trailer

Firewood is available from the sustainably managed woodlands. It is processed into 9 inch lengths to suit a wide range of wood burners, fires and boilers. 

1.5 cubic metre tipping trailer is used for delivery and delivery is free within a 5 mile radius of the farm. 

Please contact us to book a delivery of logs.



Frys Farm, Croford, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 2TS.

Tel: 07866 732209 or 07973 381278

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